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    Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, was promoted to the national group in 2004. Enterprises are now covering a total area of 3.5 million square meters with 100 million yuan registered capital, more than 4,200 employees and 2.5 billion yuan total assets. Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is a trans-regional, cross-industry, science, engineering, trade and private shareholding system enterprise which is the focus of one of the chemical pharmaceutical enterprises in China, having the 35 professional firms, industries involving dyes, paints, pharmaceuticals and real estate, four Large areas. In 2003, 2004 and 2005, three consecutive years it was rated as China Petroleum Chemical Industry Top 100 enterprises. 2006 sales revenue is 5.4 billion yuan,.Profits and taxes is 410 million yuan,and exports worth is 60.4 million U.S.dollars.
     We always adhere to the "people-oriented, technology-first, quality, credit as the most important thing" business philosophy. Annual increase investment in science and technology, has national commitment to the Torch Project "C S midazolam," State Spark "a new broad-spectrum insecticide-drug fenbendazole" three, Jiangsu Province, the torch project "the industrialization of maleic anhydride"2, Jiangsu Province Spark "8553 BAO, 8567PAO crystal resin" three, Jiangsu Province key project "hand side chain of intermediate LDP-8 of the total synthesis" and other four, a number of city-level key project, the state's key new products 3, In high-tech products 16. With "the preparation of albendazole," "anthracene and pyridine ketones dye intermediates and production methods", "mixed with nitro-anthraquinone refined 1 - Nitro anthraquinone method" and other five countries patents for inventions. Dye intermediates is "1 --anthraquinone," "Disperse Red FB200%" in the drafting of the main industry-standard flats.
     Yabang Group post-doctoral research station got the approval from the the Ministry of Personnel postdoctoral menstrual country-wide in December 2003.In June 2004 the Yabang Group post-doctoral research station began to set up. The Yabang leading group is composed of group leaders, group technology, production, finance, sales, and other senior officers and experts by the head of the main manager of Group as the leader of the station .And the establishment of "Yabang postdoctoral Scientific research workstation office which is responsible for day-to-day work. Main research directions are the dyes, paints, pharmaceuticals and intermediates. We hope to carry out cooperation projects with various colleges, universities, research centres. Recent research projects:
     a. 2 million yuan for Macrolide antibiotics preparations platform innovative drug research;
     b. 2 million yuan for building the Cephalosporin antibiotics preparations platform and innovative drug research.
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