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To cohere everyone’s hearts and strength in Yabang and fight to create a powerful, domestic even world-renowned large enterprise groups, recently, the company scheduled long-term business objective timetable from 2005 onwards: within five to eight year, Yabang business scale will reach 100 billion yuan;quadruple the sales in 2004 2.454 billion yuan annual growth rate being 20 percent or more.

Sales scale of 10 billion yuan, from the previously common call become the operating and development goals, which shows that people have injected the courage and self-determination of challenging the future, going beyond ourselves into the arduous practice of entrepreneurship ,and implement in great journey which cast Yabang sustainable brilliance.

To achieve the grand goal, we need a common struggle. Hope that all enterprises can focus on this goal, identify their respective positions, formulate development goals and strategic planning.
Dye professional Company is a professional firm which run business of the dyes and intermediates . The main products is disperse dyes, vat dyes, solvents dye,three main series ,more than 100 species. The production and sales of disperse blue # 60, # 60 disperse red, yellow 54 # reach more than 50 percent in foreign market, and the products export to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia, more than 30 countries and regions,."Yabang" brand is renowned in domestic and foreign market.

To achieve the sustainable development strategy, overall objectives until 2005 are:
A brand; rely on science and technology, human resources advantages, striving to "well-known brands," upgrade: "Yabang" image and reputation.
On the scale: timely optimization integration, form product economical scale, be bigger and stronger, achieve advantages of scale and create economies of scale.
Extension market: to broaden the international market, ensuring product export rate more than 50 percent.

Implementation plan:
Dye convergence with the international market;engaged in joint venture or co-production and co-sale with the 1-2 international dye "giant" .
Dye-scale expansion dye post-processing scale, so as to achieve an annual production capacity :output of 20,000 tons.
Enterprise resource optimization, and enterprise reform portfolio, the formation of 3-4 unique advantages, high quality and highly efficient, competitive business branch.
1.We believe that the distribution of China's dye in the next few years will have more changes,.Yabang have the opportunity to disperse dyes and pigments in Lianyungang large-scale production of chemical 2.Invest in the production of dyes intermediates in benzene series of, form a longer product chain.
3.Continue to do excellently the development and technological innovation work, particularly around the anthraquinone structure of the products ,technological advances, development and investment of new product
4.Development and production of high-quality compound dye
• Ultra-fine thin dye
• High light fastness dye
• High-washed fastness
• fashion black
• Composite materials dye
PES / cotton mixed
PES / wool mixed
PES / Elastic fibers mixed

Paint companies professional development goals
Development planning:
On the basis of Maleic anhydride and fumaric acid , make industrial chain bigger and stronger. The Paint company will become China's largest maleic anhydride, fumaric acid production and operation enterprises, China's largest unsaturated polyester resin production enterprises before 2005.
We plan to establish three production bases(Jiangsu, Fujian, Central Bohai Bay region) before 2005, then develop towards the mainland depend on the situation in future..
The recent implementation plan:
1.Expand maleic anhydride. Project was built in Changzhou City, North area, fixed capital investment estimated at 35 million yuan, the capacity for 20,000 tons / year
2 .Crude (-benzene) processing pure Benzol. Project was built in Changzhou City, North area, Fixed assets investment is estimated at 10 million yuan, processing Crude Benzol 40,000 tons /year
3.Resin expansion. Project was built in Changzhou City, Fujian province.Fixed assets investment is estimated at 23 million yuan,with the capacity 50,000 tons /year
Pharmaceutical companies professional development goals:
Vision of Pharmaceutical Group:
Chinese and Western medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical raw materials, medical equipment, health products, beverage production have been launched……
Injection, tablets…… various formulations were complete gradually; drugs wholesale, retail were developed orderly
General medicine, Special New medicine, mainly with the new, balanced sale
1,000 persons marketing, 100 persons research and develop new drugs
Elder person medicine, common diseases and frequently-occurring disease, difficult-cure medicine are main direction
Real estate companies professional development goals:
Enterprises standardized and institutionalized gradually
Establish and improve corporate culture which is suitable for their own development
Economic efficiency grow steady

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