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Changzhou synthetic drugs Engineering Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as "Engineering Center") based on the Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd., is based on units with clear property rights of independent legal entities (Group accounted for 70 percent of shares, scientific and technical personnel accounting for 30 percent of shares), Administrative Yabang Chemical Group Co., Ltd. to accept the unified leadership.

"Engineering Center" has the synthetic drug laboratories, library information, medicines registration room, analysis laboratory , the Department of clinical medicine, laboratory preparations, testing of new drugs and marketing Department. "Engineering Center" under the leadership of the implementation of the Board of Trustees, director of accountability, staff implemented the contract system of employment, invigorating do a good job in personnel incentive mechanism at the same time, "Engineering Center" an open-style management, and expand scientific research with foreign institutions and related industry cooperation and exchange, of foreign Outstanding technical experts to participate in technology research and development, engineering research and technology dissemination.

1.Engineering Center" decision-making body, responsible for the formulation of operational mechanism, market goals, construction and development strategies, research and development direction and major achievements into, approving the annual plan, operating performance report. Regularly heard "Engineering Center" in work report, a working proposal.

2.Engineering Center" Technical Committee: "Engineering Center" Technical Committee is the technical advisory agency, composed of domestic and foreign experts, academics, providing technical advice to the "Engineering Center" ,recommending development ideas and direction of the forefront new drugs and and lead compounds, and making some technical advice and consultation on "Engineering Center" major research direction, technology programmes and technological achievements.

3.Engineering Center Chief: Responsible for "engineering center" of the day-to-day operational management, supervising and managing development and implementation situation of the development department and relevant departments and carry out specific coordination.

4.Engineering Center Office: This department is under Engineering Center Chief’sdirect leadership, responsible for "engineering center" of the day-to-day management, organizing the development plans of science and technology ,helping chief do a good job working under the coordination, and be responsible for "engineering center" financial management of funds in construction period.

5.Synthesis Laboratory:Responsible for research and development of related application projects of innovative drugs, development of the innovative medicines with their own intellectual property rights and patented technology , doing the industrialization research on the products which have good market prospects and carrying through the industrialization Larger Test

6.Department of Drug Registration: Responsible for the declaration of new drugs submitted for approval and registration information on the preparation

7.Depatment of Clinical Medicine: Responsible for the activity of drug tests and clinical trials.

8.Promotion and Market Development Department: This department is responsible for the promotion of new drugs, market development and promotion and application of related products, market development and customer service and also responsible for the collection and gathering of new drug applications and market information, then feedback to the "Engineering Center" relevant departments,.At the same time,the promotion and Market Development Department develop "project Center "products, technology results.

9.Training Center: The engineering center is responsible for "engineering center" personnel training, external technical exchanges, seminars work. Do a good job in academic discussions,and collect medical information in the field of science and technology to in order to promote and facilitate innovative medicines in the country.

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